Syosaku Japanese Urushi Glass Charger Plate 13.9-inch (35cm) Majestic Green with Gold Leaf, Dishwasher Safe

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Natalie Sannes - Syosaku Brand Ambassador

"As a culinary content creator, I’m always searching for beautiful dishware to elevate the food I’m sharing. Syosaku’s Urushi Glass Dinner Plate is absolutely stunning and helps me get the perfect shot every time!"

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1. MORE THAN A PLATE - The one and only glamorous Majestic Green color with incredible depth is beyond comparison. The color changes mysteriously depending on the light and view angle, due to polarizing particles included in the lacquer. The gorgeous gold leaf painting is handmade, one by one by Japanese traditional Urushi artists. This is a glass plate like no other. It brightens up your table, bringing excitement even before the food is served. Share the enjoyment with your loved ones.

2. VIVID CLEARNESS - Unlike china and porcelain, the vivid clearness unique to the combination of the Urushi color and the super transparent glass stands out. It adds visual enjoyment to your dining. You can also display it with a stand for ornamental purposes as a decorative plate. It brings sophisticated picturesque experience in your everyday life. Impress your guests with its stunning beauty. Dishwasher safe. Dish stand is sold separately.

3. WORLD'S FIRST, ONE-OF-A-KIND - Urushi, Japanese traditional lacquer having 9,000 years of history, has been known for its aesthetic richness. But its surface is so sensitive that the use of cutlery and dishwasher easily makes scratches. It flakes off when exposed to dry climate for a long time. Now the groundbreaking technology invented in Japan solved all the problems. The Urushi lacquer is protected by special transparent glass materials. The Japanese traditional art is brought to real life.

4. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you don't like our Syosaku Glass Charger Plate, please return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

    Customer Reviews

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    Natalie Sannes
    Syosaku’s Urushi Glass Dinner Plate is absolutely stunning

    As a culinary content creator, I’m always searching for beautiful dishware to elevate the food I’m sharing. Syosaku’s Urushi Glass Dinner Plate is absolutely stunning and helps me get the perfect shot every time!

    Edward Giovanni Z
    Platter with real gold leaf

    A handmade platter with real gold leaf from Japan. I love it!

    Jennifer Black
    Stunning with clear quality

    Wow. This is a very large (think platter) and gorgeous plate in an art form that I was very pleased to learn about through this item!

    I received mine in a beautiful olive green/gold leaf combination. In honesty, I did not have the same reaction to the packaging as some of the other reviewers; I found it simple and "does the trick" -- I don't really think this sort of objet d'art needs a lot of pomp with respect to its box to impress. It's absolutely gorgeous.

    I do, however, have to agree that the lacquer might be just a touch thicker than strictly necessary for the plate. It makes the object very heavy, which is fine, but it does make it -- perhaps by percentages of a millimeter -- a little hard to appreciate the craftsmanship.

    Absolutely stunning, though I'm a bit afraid to use it for not wanting to damage it! Certainly something that can double as a display item as well as a beautiful plate. I actually plan to get a few more in other colors to make it a full set.

    truly a piece of art

    Pros;So beautiful, Very large, Interesting pattern, Well sealed Cons;None!! This is truly a piece of art! Not only is it practical but the colors make this a conversation piece. It changes according to where you display it. A little asbstract, the pattern adds a certain charm to it. Not sure that I would actually use this to serve food even though it states that its food safe. It will definately never go into the dishwasher. There seems to be a pretty thick lacquer coating on it which is necessary to eliminate marks and I would assume, to keep it food safe, but I think it takes away from the beauty of it. A beautiful piece.

    Peter Wyland
    Make a Statement in any Home or Kitchen

    When you grow up eating off of those Sears Fall-themed thick dinner plates with the flowers on them, you get used to the idea of not spending too much on dinnerware. But over time, I've also come to appreciate certain cookware and dinnerware based not only on quality, but aesthetics. A dinner plate, even a decorative one, for a c-note? Kind of a tough sell, but after seeing this plate in person, it makes sense. The quality is great. But the colors and style really is unique. Using this as a serving dish, it really does make a statement. Anyone who comes over and sees it wants to know where we got it from, since it's something you don't come across in stores. I think it's worth the asking price, especially if you're using it as a serving platter during the holidays.

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