Hi, my name is Toshi Sekiya, the founder and owner of Syosaku-Japan.

I was a Research and Development Manager for a Japanese company that developed materials for the graphic arts industry for more than ten years. In this role, producing photography, magazines, and billboards, I began to develop my aesthetic eye.

After being promoted to a senior management position, I was transferred to the Netherlands where I spent the next 11 years traveling and immersing myself in European culture. Throughout my travels around Europe, to museums and cultural landmarks, I was especially fascinated with European paintings and tableware.

Upon returning to Japan, I rediscover the beauty in my home country and in tableware handcrafted by master Japanese Artisans. Wanting to spread the Japanese masterpieces globally, I created my own brand in 2017, Syosaku.

After examining the craftsmanship produced by Japanese artisans, I decided to partner with local groups from particular regions of Japan that produce the most beautiful and functional handcrafted tableware I could, Urushi glass plates and handcrafted kitchen knives.

Please enjoy the beauty from Japan with the highest quality.



Brand Manager

Hi! I’m Joyce.

I am committed to helping clients and potential customers experience and visualize the essence of our Syosaku brand in creative and presentable ways.

I aim to brighten and bring beauty and a little bit of spice to the atmosphere for the progress and development of all groups.


Social Media Manager

Hi! I'm Evol.

I'm here to make your experience with our Syosaku brand the best it can be. From helping you choose the perfect product to assisting with any questions you have, my goal is your satisfaction.

Through engaging content and personalized service, I aim to make your journey with us not just enjoyable, but truly memorable.


Operations Manager

My goal is to meet the expectations of the clients while upholding the high standard of service that the Syosaku brand strives to provide.

Expressing the Syosaku-Japan brand voice through the help of innovative designs. Aiming to add value to the customers' experience and make them remarkable.