During the Samurai era, sword makers improved the kinds of blades and fittings over time by concentrating on shape, function, weight, and strength. Demand increased along with the sophistication of the swords and the smiths' craft. Over time, engraving, fittings, and ornaments became more sophisticated, detailed, and significant. Smiths started etching credits on their creations as well. Today, Japanese knife engraving is known worldwide.

Is it necessary to engrave a knife?

Well, it is not necessary. But for chefs or some food enthusiasts, a knife is something that they are invested in. From ingredients preparation to dish plating, they would need their knife. And having something that you know belongs to you feels really wonderful.

This is a left-handed single-bevel Deba knife used to fillet a fish. The knife was personalized by engraving the customer's name in Japanese characters.

Is it authentic?

Regarding authenticity, all our knives - those that need to be engraved or not - will come from Japan. Our highly skilled Japanese master artisans will do the engraving individually. We ensure that the engraved characters: Kanji or Katakana, will be errorless with utmost quality assurance checking.

Our knife engraving service has an ongoing promo. Originally, the knife engraving cost was $30.00, and the shipment cost was $30.00 to the US. Shipping cost varies per country. For our promo, which will last until the 31st of December 2022, knife engraving, including its shipment cost, is free. This is applicable when you purchase any knife from our store.

Customized Knife Engraving Promo Details:
● Upon purchasing any knife with no minimum spend, the knife purchased can be engraved with a name in Chinese characters (Kanji) or in Japanese syllabary (Katakana) for free. If you don't know how to write Kanji or Katakana, inform the company what you wish to engrave, and it will be translated for you.
● Pick up several knives with priorities. If your selected knife is out of stock in Japan, the knife will have to be produced from scratch. It might take months because all processes are done manually.
● The original cost of engraving is $30.00, and the shipping cost from Japan to the US is $30.00. Shipping cost varies per country. For this promo, spend zero dollars rather than sixty or more.
● Ordering of customized knives is not yet available on the website. Learn on how to order a custom engraved knife here.
● Sale price is NOT subject to free engraving/shipping service.

A personalized knife can't just be for yourself. It is excellent as a gift too! Take a look at this beautiful knife. This was ordered from us by a customer as a gift for his brother's wedding. Engraved are the names of the groom and bride in Katakana.

 Başak and Kellen's Wedding, 2022


The knives below are customized for our customers who wanted to have their names engraved on them. A present isn't just something that you give to others. It can also be for ourselves!

One thing that makes a personalized "thing" more special is its ability to let you feel belongingness. Belongingness is something that we always crave wherever we are. This "thing" - may be a knife or something else, reminds us of who we are and where we came from.