Syosaku Japanese Urushi Glass Charger Plate 13.9-inch (35cm) Majestic Blue with Gold Leaf, Dishwasher Safe

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Over 11,000 chefs and homecooks enjoy Syosaku products worldwide!

1. MORE THAN A PLATE - The one and only glamorous Majestic Blue color with incredible depth is beyond comparison. The color changes mysteriously depending on the light and view angle, due to polarizing particles included in the lacquer. The gorgeous gold leaf painting is handmade one by one by Japanese traditional Urushi artists. This is a glass plate like no other. It brightens up your table, bringing excitement even before the food is served. Share the enjoyment with your loved ones.

2. VIVID CLEARNESS - Unlike china and porcelain, the vivid clearness unique to the combination of the Urushi color and the super transparent glass stands out. It adds visual enjoyment to your dining. You can also display it with a stand for ornamental purposes as a decorative plate. It brings sophisticated picturesque experience to your everyday life. Impress your guests with its stunning beauty. Dishwasher safe. Dish stand is sold separately.

3. WORLD'S FIRST, ONE-OF-A-KIND - Urushi, Japanese traditional lacquer having 9,000 years of history, has been known for its aesthetic richness. But its surface is so sensitive that the use of cutlery and dishwasher easily makes scratches. It flakes off when exposed to dry climate for a long time. Now the ground-breaking technology invented in Japan solved all the problems. The Urushi lacquer is protected by special transparent glass materials. The Japanese traditional art is brought to real life.

4. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you don't like our Syosaku Glass Charger Plate, please return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

    Customer Reviews

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    Brandon Fassberg
    So fascinated with how elegantly they dance in the light

    I first noticed this collection at my favorite sushi experience @koyonewyork in Queens and became so fascinated with how elegantly they dance in the light!

    C. Jong
    Nice Charger plate but WAY overpriced.

    This is a well-made charger plate. The glass is sturdy and the colors look a lot more beautiful and brilliant in person than they do online. The finish is high-quality and durable, and I suspect this plate will last a lifetime, if I can avoid dropping it.

    To me, the pattern looks like someone snarfed paint up their nose and then sneezed it onto the plate, but to each their own. In spite of the pattern, which I don't particularly like, the plate is well-made and would be a great addition to any kitchen.

    Having said that, the $399 price tag PER PLATE is outlandishly expensive, in my opinion. I lived in Japan for several years and bought Urushi plates like these in Japan for $50 to $80. Quality-wise, this plate is great. I just don't believe the quality is great enough to justify the four-hundred-dollar price tag. I'm docking the plate one star for the price-to-value ratio.

    Chris W.
    an extraordinary serving plate

    This plate is both a piece of art which serves great as decoration and an incredible dish that has potential for years of use. Urushi color is magnificent and this dish is simply beautiful, it's so vibrant that it can be the centerpiece of any dinner and this will definitely catch the eye of everyone. In dimension, this plate is huge and would more than likely be utilized as a serving dish. This dish is art, it's beautiful enough to be the centerpiece of any dinner or meal and the materials are sensational. It is dishwasher safe but, I would still recommend hand washing it. If you're looking for an extraordinary serving plate, this is definitely one I would suggest.

    Boaz S.
    Remarkably beautiful home decor piece.

    This Japanese plate is outright stunning. The minute one opens the package and look at the plate they realize this is something esthetically special. Its high quality is shining through, material is smooth and luxurious. When holding the plate colors are changing when in different angles from window lights - we see shades of blue and purple at different times of the day. Plate is a great hospitality piece and also as a gift for someone who appreciates nice home decore items. We loved it so much that we ended up hanging it for a display on a wall in our dining area, it fits beautifully and gives an additional tier of glamour and charm. Happy to recommend.