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Syosaku Japanese Paring Knife Damascus VG-10 16 Layer Mahogany Handle, 3-inch (80mm)

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1. MASTER CRAFTSMANSHIP - Handcrafted in Sakai, Japan, where more than 90% of Japanese professional chef knives are produced. It is produced one at a time manually by highly skilled master artisans. It outperforms industrially mass-produced products from every aspect. The master craftsmanship shines through in every single product. The unparalleled performances make you feel standing at the pinnacle of cooking! The sheath is sold separately.

2. RAZOR SHARPNESS - Ready to use out of the box with ruthless sharpness. The core is Takefu VG-10 high carbon stainless steel (HRC 60-62) produced in Fukui, Japan. Combined with 16 layer clad Damascus construction, it gives exceptional sharpness, edge retention, durability, and ease of sharpening at the same time. You can easily feel your upgraded technique level just by using a Syosaku Paring Knife. Hand wash only and regularly sharpen on quality whetstones.

PRECISION AND VERSATILITY - The exceptional sharpness makes delicate tasks such as peeling, coring, hulling, slicing, and trimming of fruits and vegetables super easy. The knife's precision allows you to decorate shape and surface of food with intricate designs. It elevates your food preparations to the realm of art. The beauty of the knife and the food you prepare add to the enjoyment of the meal. It is double-edged, so it doesn't matter if you are right-handed or left-handed.

4. DURABILITY AND EASE OF USE - Both the VG-10 core and outer Damascus steel are stain & corrosion resistant. The premium Mahogany wood used for the handle is water-resistant and non-slip. You don't have to worry when it is left wet during its use (recommended to wash and dry after use). The handle is triple riveted to the full tang, which gives exceptional strength & durability. The ergonomically designed handle and perfectly balanced construction make you comfortable even for long-time use.

5. AESTHETICS AND 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - An exquisite outer steel not only eliminates friction and keeps food from sticking to the blade, but also the beauty makes your cooking more enjoyable. An elegant Mahogany handle adds more visual accents. It brings refinement and style to any modern kitchen. Impress your guests with its stunning beauty. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones too. If you don't like our Syosaku Chef Knife, please return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


Can be left wet during use, but don't leave it in water for a long time. Hand wash after the use with mild detergent, rinse, and dry with a kitchen towel. Doesn't have to be oiled often, if regularly used. If occasional rust spots happen to appear, use knife maintenance oil with a rust eraser. Dishwasher might damage the blade. Sharpen regularly with quality whetstones. Honing steels are not recommended as they can damage the edge.


Total length: 8 inches (194mm)

Weight: 0.2 pounds (70g)

Blade length: 3 inches (80mm)

Width at widest heel: 1 inch (24mm)

Bevel: Both-sided 50/50

Rockwell hardness: 60-62

Finishing: Hammered finish

Handle fixing: 2 types with no practical differences. One shows metal on the bottom part of handle, the other not.

Both triple riveted to the full tang with the same performances and durability.


A Paring Knife with a clear plastic blade cover and a Magnolia Wood sheath with an ebony pin in a fancy box.

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    Syosaku Japanese Chef Knife Hammered Damascus VG-10 16 Layer Mahogany Handle, Gyuto 7-inch (180mm)

    I was looking for a handmade Japanese knife that could compete with the smaller shun I have. I was going to purchase a bigger 8 inch shun but the price jumped . So I found this one for much less. I was worried that the quality might be lacking because of the discrepancy in price but I was wrong. This knife is better than a shun. The craftmanship and attention to detail is amazing. The imperfections are welcomed to me because it proves that it's hand made and you can tell they tried really hard to make this knife. The name of the knife was clearly hammered in on the side with great skill, it's extremely impressive. Each individual line is hammered in with care. I have taken up an close photo of it. This knife is also clearly made for the Japanese, as the instructions are only in Japanese. Infact there is no English on the box other than its country of origin. The knife is well sharpened. I can tell the knife is made from quality VG 10 steel. It does not matter how much you spend on a knife. It will not be made better than this. If you are on the fence about this knife. Go for it. You will not regret it. A+ This knife is thin and delicate. This is unavoidable because the style. It's thin. So there are things you can't do with it. Don't drop it, ever. Don't cut on hard surfaces. Don't cut around bone. Use a wooden or plastic cutting board. Be careful when cutting things; take your time. This style of knife will chip and bend much easier than a thick German knife, however if cared for has its advantages. This thing is as sharp as a surgeons scalpel so keep your fingers away from the blade. I cut my finger on it within less than 5 minutes. Just a gentle brush on the blade is enough to cut.