Syosaku Continues Partnership with De Gustibus Cooking School

Syosaku published a new press release about its continued partnership with De Gustibus Cooking School.

Syosaku continues its partnership with De Gustibus Cooking School, a culinary institution based in Macy's Herald Square in New York. A year after the partnership launched, Syosaku continues to be part of the recognized culinary school's sole provider of Japanese knives.

De Gustibus Cooking School, launched in 1980, hosts cooking demonstrations and wine tastings with the most celebrated chefs and sommeliers in the industry. The facility, including studio kitchen and 48-seat classroom, is located inside Macy's Herald Square.

Syosaku has been in the industry of knife production for several years. The company's partnership with De Gustibus Cooking School has been a significant step up. Syosaku presents Japanese art through these kitchen knives by showcasing its potential in one of the leading culinary schools in the US.

Here are some facts you need to know about the production of these knives. 

● The Japanese master artisans craft Syosaku Japanese knives. Most of these knives are produced in Sakai, Japan. Sakai is a port city that has centuries of history of sword making and knife forging.

● Each knife can take up to six months for the artisans to fully craft a finished product. This would ensure the knife's quality - sharpness, precision, and sturdiness.

● Each knife can be custom ordered. This is to cater to consumers' preferences in various wooden handles and handedness. Each knife can be engraved with a name in Chinese characters. This is for customers to have a personalized Japanese knife for themselves or as a gift to their loved ones.

● Syosaku makes kitchen knives that professional chefs and home cooks can use. Syosaku knives are here to be the best friend of anyone who loves cooking. 

"Since 2021, being in tandem with De Gustibus Cooking School is both an honor and a privilege. It has allowed us to let the most prestigious people in New York see the beauty of Japan the way we see it. We are humbled to be part of the institution's legacy in molding world-renowned chefs."

Toshi Sekiya, Owner - Syosaku-Japan

Syosaku is a Japan-based firm that manufactures Japanese kitchen knives and Urushi glass plates. Much like the Japanese kitchen knives, Syosaku can fulfill custom orders, featuring any size, shape, or design that can be desired, as well as ready-to-purchase plates. From the company’s motto, “We don’t make products. We make a piece of art”, Syosaku aims to let the world experience the beauty of Japan with products of the highest quality.