Chef Jay Zheng - The Chef-Owner of Koyo New York

Chef Jay Zheng was eight years old when his family migrated to the U.S. from China. He grew up in his father's restaurant business. With eight restaurants across the country, his father was a successful restauranteur, indeed. These Chinese and Japanese establishments became part of Chef Jay's life as he grew up. He learned about Japanese cuisine as he worked with the elder chefs in those restaurants. He makes sure that he incorporates elements from his past, such as a memory or a flavor that he enjoyed as a young child.

Chef Jay started to work at Peninsula Hotel in Chicago. He entered the hotel hospitality industry. He exposed himself to the world of fine dining and found inspiration for his dreams.

In 2012, Chef Jay opened his restaurant in Indiana. He immersed himself in Japanese culture and learned how to source the best fish. Chef Jay left Chicago to return to New York, his hometown. His main reason is to pursue his dream of working in fine dining and opened Gaijin with Chef Mark Garcia in 2016.

After parting ways with Chef Garcia, Chef Jay launched the first iteration of Kōyō in the exact location in 2019. He began his work as Kōyō's Executive Chef after the pandemic hit and restaurants shut down. He re-launched the restaurant in a new direction and focused on a kaiseki tasting menu.

Outdoor Patio, Kōyō New York

Kitchen Counter, Kōyō New York

Chef Jay preparing one of his Masterpieces

Here are some of the most exquisite dishes from  Kōyō New York's menu:

Ora King Salmon


Mantis Shrimp

Chef Jay loves presenting his masterpieces on beautiful plates using one-of-a-kind knives. Look how presentable these creations are with Syosaku's Urushi Plate and Gyuto Knife!

Chef Jay got a new 13-inch Yanagiba knife from Syosaku. He loves it more because the knife's blade was engraved with his name "Jay Zheng".

To create beautiful dishes require the right tools. I really do enjoy Syosaku branded knifes and plates. 330mm of white steel with magnolia wood handle makes it a perfect knife for slicing fish for sashimi or sushi.

Chef Jay Zheng, Koyo New York

Looks yummy! You can have these delicious foods by indoor dining, patio dining, take out, and delivery!
Visit their website here: Kōyō New York


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