Matt Bruck - A Lawyer-Entrepreneur

Matt Bruck is an investor and entrepreneur. In the past 20 years, he has built successful businesses in various industries, including music, education, and finance.

He’s a lawyer and entrepreneur. He is the Chief Strategy Officer of SmartAdvocate. SmartAdvocate is a powerful, integrated case management system designed for all types of litigation law practices. 

SmartAdvocate logo

Also, he works as the Chief Operating Officer at Parker Waichman LLP - a national law firm in the US based in New York.

Parker Waichman LLP Building

Aside from being a lawyer, he’s also an entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and managing partner of Eaters Drinkers, formerly Joios.

Matt is a regular writer and lecturer in the food and beverage industry. He is a partner in various restaurants and a frequent host of the tastings and information-gathering events for which Joios has become known. He is passionate about the fight against food waste. He is also an active member of the NYC social media community.

As a food and beverage enthusiast, Matt prepares his food using very sharp kitchen knives. He loves using his Nakiri Knife / Vegetable knife. Look at how he cut the whole watermelon quickly. His wife, Chihiro, even created a beautiful cucumber art!

Matt enjoys his new engraved knife from Syosaku-Japan that has his and his wife's names in Katakana. It is an 8.3-inch Gyuto knife.

Syosaku kitchen knives aren’t just meant for professional Chefs. We designed our knives to suit everyone who loves preparing foods, whether they are chefs or home cooks.


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