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The Culinary Odyssey of Chef Midhun Ayyappan

Embark on Chef Midhun’s culinary journey, a story of passion and innovation. From Thrissur, India, his early love for cooking sparked. Cookbooks were his first guides, teaching him before online tutorials existed. He developed a fascination with Modern European cuisine, crafting his unique culinary style.

Chef Midhun has been making waves in the culinary world for over 16 years. His experience spans across top-notch luxury hotels and fine dining spots globally.

His culinary adventure has led him to iconic locations. These include the UK, the Middle East, China, and India. There, he sharpened his skills, guided by Michelin-starred chefs and elite dining venues.

His journey led from Indian kitchens to international fame. In Kuwait, he worked as a European restaurant's head chef. He blended European techniques with Indian flavors.

Then, a lockdown in Kerala shifted his focus. This leads him to share his culinary experiences on Instagram @chef_midhun.

Chef Midhun's dishes are more than meals; they're cultural fusions. He believes in a balanced culinary approach, harmonizing protein, starch, and fiber. This balance is evident in his artful plates, each telling a cultural story.

Join us in exploring Chef Midhun's world. It's a journey beyond the kitchen, bridging cultures through food's universal language.

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1. Chef Midhun Ayyappan's Culinary Evolution

(1) Early Inspirations and Learning

Chef Midhun's culinary evolution is a tale of passion and growth. Starting in Thrissur, India, cookbooks first ignited his passion for cooking. These early lessons in various cuisines laid his foundational skills. His love for Modern European cuisine began here, setting the tone for his career.

He honed his skills in India, mastering the basics and understanding flavors. Chef Midhun's culinary path kicked off immediately after high school. He dived into a two-year diploma in Kochi, followed by a year in a cooking course.

Chef Midhun's culinary journey in India lasted seven years. It began at Leela Palace, Bangalore, marking a crucial starting point. His first big break was at Leela, shaping his skills for three years.

Chef Midhun's expertise grew, working at Kovalam Leela, Mumbai Inter-continental, and Leela in Bangalore. His move to Leela's Delhi property in 2011 marked his foray into Western cuisine.

Chef Midhun's dedication and passion for cooking set the foundation for his journey. He sought to blend traditional Indian and modern culinary styles.

His early years were crucial for developing his culinary philosophy. Midhun's path is a prime example of the importance of continuous learning in cooking.

(2) Gaining Mastery in European Cuisine

His career led him to international kitchens, where he refined his craft.

Chef Midhun's career soared at Le Cirque restaurant in New Delhi, India, which is a first franchise of the New York-based Le Cirque restaurant. His time there greatly boosted his skills. Working under renowned chefs, he absorbed the intricacies of fine dining. Midhun mastered European cuisine, infusing it with his unique flair.

His dishes became a blend of global culinary traditions, showcasing his creativity. Competitions highlighted his talent, earning him accolades and recognition. His journey in European cuisine earned him widespread acclaim.

Back in India, he explored Indian flavors at Hotel Jamavar in Bangalore. This experience diversified his cooking style.

It is due to his dishes that were both artistic and flavorful. Midhun's story is a testament to the power of culinary art. His path emphasizes the importance of adaptability and passion in achieving culinary success.

Lamb rump Dish by Chef Midhun Ayyappan

Lamb Rump

by Chef Midhun

Venison Dish by Chef Midhun Ayyappan


by Chef Midhun

Lamb cannon Dish by Chef Midhun Ayyappan

Lamb Cannon

by Chef Midhun

2. Chef Midhun Ayyappan's Current Culinary Endeavors

Chef Midhun is now a culinary star in London. He works with the Accor group hotels, showcasing his skills. Here, he blends European and Indian cuisines, creating unique dishes.

His work is about more than cooking; it's about experiences. Every dish tells a story, reflecting his diverse background.

(1) Where is Chef Midhun Ayyappan Now?

  • Chef Midhun's role in London combines past experiences and future goals.
  • He innovates with culturally rich dishes, blending diverse skills.
  • His London presence shows the global reach of culinary arts.

(2) Impact and Influence in the Culinary World

Chef Midhun's Instagram page, @chef_midhun, illustrates his impact. It boasts over 390k followers, reflecting his culinary influence. Here, he shares creations that inspire food enthusiasts and professionals.

His social media journey shows the life of a modern chef. It balances tradition and innovation, appealing to a wide audience.

Chef Midhun's Instagram is a gallery of his innovative plating skills. His dishes, from starters to desserts, are like art on a plate. Each creation he shares becomes an Instagram favorite, racking up thousands of likes. His posts are a feast for the eyes, showcasing his culinary creativity.

Chef Midhun also loves sharing his recipes on Instagram. Why not try his Green Pea Espuma at home? It's a favorite among his followers and a delight to make. You'll find the full recipe and more on his Instagram.

Check it out for a taste of his culinary magic. Here's the link to the recipe: Green Pea Espuma Recipe. His posts offer a great mix of culinary art and easy-to-follow instructions.

Green Pea Espuma Recipe by Chef Midhun Ayyappan

Green Pea Espuma Recipe

Chef Midhun's story is one of evolution and adaptation. He has succeeded in competitions and earned peer recognition. His culinary journey continues to inspire, showing the possibilities in gastronomy.

(3) Achievements

Chef Midhun's career is a testament to his culinary brilliance. He's earned a significant number of awards, a total of 15 medals from global contests.

These include 3 golds, showcasing his top-tier skills. He also has 7 silvers and 5 bronzes, highlighting his versatility.

Chef Midhun's achievements reflect his dedication to culinary arts. They also show his unique approach to blending culinary traditions.

His success in these competitions underlines his commitment to his craft. It also proves his role as an inspiration in the culinary world.


3. Conclusion: Chef Midhun Ayyappan's Lasting Legacy in the Culinary Arts

Chef Midhun's journey is a story of passion and innovation. His legacy goes beyond his culinary creations. He inspires aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts worldwide.

His approach to blending cuisines showcases the power of culinary arts. Chef Midhun continues to evolve and influence gastronomy. His story highlights the endless possibilities of cooking.

His legacy lies in the culinary bridges he builds. These bridges connect cultures and tastes globally. Chef Midhun's impact shapes the future of culinary arts.

Chef Midhun Ayyappan embodies a profound appreciation for the culinary craft. His passion for cooking is intertwined with his admiration for precision tools. He cherishes kitchen knives from Syosaku-Japan. Each blade, meticulously crafted, bears the mark of his identity. The knives he uses are engraved in elegant Katakana characters. It symbolizes both his professional commitment and personal connection to his craft. In Chef Midhun's hands, these knives become more than mere utensils. They are extensions of his culinary vision. They enhance every dish with a touch of expertise and artistry.

Chef Midhun Ayyappan flexing his Syosaku knife.
Chef Midhun Ayyappan's engarved Sujihiki knife
Chef Midhun Ayyappan's engarved Sujihiki knife
Chef Midhun Ayyappan's engarved Santoku knife
Chef Midhun Ayyappan's engarved Santoku knife


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