Natalie Sannes - The Sushi and Omakase Lover from New York

Natalie Sannes is a sushi lover based in New York. She reviews some of the best sushi New York City has to offer. This way, she can help people choose where to go for their next sushi splurge.

Natalie grew up in St. Louis where her passion for theater developed at a young age. She moved to NYC in 2013.

She also lives her best life outside of her passion in filming and capturing her sushi and Omakase adventures. Natalie is currently a Technical Project Manager for the Fanatics Collectibles division. She oversees the release of 6 mobile apps and coaches a team of 30.

She is experienced in managing Engineering, QA, CRM, Analytics, Dev Ops, IT & Security teams, and projects.

Natalie is a content creator and Food Consultant. She frequently reviews restaurants and places serving omakase + sushi in NYC. She is currently active as @sushi.soulmate on her Tiktok account and mainly on her Instagram (@sushisoulmate) with 26k followers where she shares her sushi adventures.

In one of her sushi adventures, she visited Koyo in Queens, New York. She was able to capture this beautiful and tasty omakase presented on Syosaku’s plate. This is an Urushi Glass Plate in Majestic Green color with Gold Leaf.

"As a culinary content creator, I’m always searching for beautiful dishware to elevate the food I’m sharing. Syosaku’s Urushi Glass Dinner Plate is absolutely stunning and helps me get the perfect shot every time!"

Natalie Sannes


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