Each plate Syosaku produces is individually crafted using Urushi, a lacquer that has been used in Japan for over 9,000 years including in the Kinkaku-Ji (the Golden Temple). Using this same technique, we devised our own method for coating the Urushi glass plates for color, texture, and design.

First, we set out to find the best glass for the plates, then the plates are coated with a special adhesive layer, Urushi lacquer, painted, coated again, and are placed in a drying chamber. After coating, the lacquer polymerizes when exposed to moisture and air forming a hard, durable, waterproof film. Urushi glass plates have incredible depth and provide vividness that cannot be found in china or porcelain.

Each plate undergoes a one-month process of layering the Urushi, drying the lacquer, and painting. Since each plate is made individually, they are all one-of-a-kind pieces. Syosaku is able to fulfill custom orders, featuring any size, shape, or design that can be desired, as well ready-to-purchase plates.