Syosaku Welcomes Their New Brand Ambassadors -
Christine Yi and Chef James Tracey

Christine Yi and Chef James Tracey are a couple who are both food enthusiasts based in New York who now speak for Syosaku.

Syosaku added Christine Yi and Chef James Tracey as their brand ambassadors. Christine has become a fan of the Syosaku knife. Now, with her fiancé, Chef James, they have chosen to take on the challenge. They are now two of the eminent figures who represent Syosaku.

Christine and Chef James are a couple who are both food lovers. Christine is a very talented gourmet and home cook and a certified food Instagrammer. She travels the world often and shares her experiences with her over 250K followers. Chef James is a professional and nationally recognized chef. He is hands-on with his restaurants located in New York.

As food experts, they are very much busy in the kitchen. They deserve the best apparatus for food preparation. They now possess kitchen knives of the highest quality - sharpest, most precise, and very sturdy. They were Syosaku knives given to them as a present. Their names were also engraved in Katakana characters for a personal touch.

Facts about Christine and Chef James:

●Christine was raised in a traditional Korean household and had the best of both worlds. She learned authentic Korean cooking and developed a lifelong obsession with dumplings from her mother and grandmother. She balanced it with a passion for NYC's diverse cuisines and flavors.

●Chef James developed an interest in the food industry when he was young. He worked at a bakery in Mesquite, Tx, his hometown.

●Christine has escaped death twice. She got injured in a train accident in 2003. Her right leg had to be amputated and replaced with a prosthetic. She does indeed proudly own a prosthetic leg. In October 2021, she unexpectedly suffered a cardiac arrest. The defibrillator in the ambulance brought her back to life.

●Chef James is Monterey and Isabelle Osteria's Executive Chef/Partner. Monterey is the newest retro-chic American Brasserie in Midtown Manhattan. Isabelle's Osteria is a contemporary Italian restaurant in Gramercy Park, a neighborhood of Manhattan.

"With the lovely couple's expertise in the food industry, we are thrilled that they are now part of Syosaku's growing family. We are very excited about the days ahead knowing that we have them with us.”

Toshi Sekiya, Owner - Syosaku-Japan

About Syosaku-Japan:

Syosaku is a business firm in Japan that offers ready-to-purchase Japanese kitchen knives and Urushi glass plates. They offer Japanese kitchen knife engraving and can fulfill custom orders of plates featuring any size, shape, or design that can be desired. "We don't make products. We make a piece of art," is the company’s motto. Therefore, a promise of genuine Japanese art is something to look forward to as testified by two of the most promising people in New York.