Syosaku Got Featured In Chef Giovanni Youtube Channel

The YouTube channel, ChefGiovanni, featured Syosaku's Gyuto knife. The video's title is "Gyuto Knife". ChefGiovanni is a group of certified Chefs bringing video reviews packed with Chef tips. They review, design, and improve high-quality Cooking Supplies.

The Damascus ZA18 69-layer Gyuto knife is a versatile knife. You can cut, dice, slice, mince, and chop with it. You use it for meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, and more. A versatile knife can save you time and money. It reduces the need for many specialized knives. A versatile knife can also improve your cooking skills. It allows you to make precise cuts and create uniform shapes.

The outer Damascus steel is combined with the high chromium content of the ZA18 alloy. This combination gives extreme stain & corrosion resistance. The material used for the handle is from the center core of the Walnut tree. It makes the handle water-resistant and non-slip.

"I enjoyed using the knife. It is superior to most other knives. The Damascus blade is a razor, razor sharp just by looking at the thing. 69 layer of Damascus is the real deal. ZA18 is a special steel. Very nice cuts. Very consistent. This knife is amazing! Get yourself some of these Japanese knives. Wow!"

Chef Edward Giovanni, Gyuto Knife Review, ChefGiovanni YouTube Channel


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