Syosaku Got Featured In 360 West Magazine

Syosaku Japan got featured in 360 West Magazine, a lifestyle magazine that gives affluent readers a full-circle view of where they live.

360 West's recent article entitled "THE GIVING SEASON - OVEN TO TABLE" mentioned one of Syosaku's Santoku Knives.

They make more than 90% of all Japanese professional chef knives in Sakai, Japan. It is where the Syosaku Japanese kitchen knives are manufactured. They are manually created by master artisans with exceptional skills one at a time.

Santoku in Japanese translates to three uses. The three previously stood for meats, fish, and vegetables. These three items can easily be chopped with one knife because of the knife's design. Once you master the techniques for using the Santoku knife, you may apply them to a variety of other knives as well. It's the ideal option for your first kitchen knife.

"Syosaku’s 7-inch santoku chef knife is a versatile workhorse thanks to its adeptness at dicing, slicing, and mincing."


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