Kan-Buri (Winter Yellowtail)

Kan-Buri (Winter Yellowtail)

Fresh from the sea, stored for maturing 3 days in proper conditions, makes the richness beyond description. A slice melts in your mouth.

Many Japanese have it with Sake (Japanese rice wine). But it goes well with rich white wine, too.

Buri is caught from wild in winter. "Kan" means cold in Japanese, and "Buri" in English is yellowtail. So, "Kan-Buri" means yellowtails caught when it's cold. Japanese Buri’s name changes as they grow. In Japan, it changes from Mojako (when juvenile), Wakashi (less than 14 inches, 35cm), Inada (14-24 inch, 35-60cm), Warasa (24-31inch, 60-80cm), to Buri (more than 31 inches, 80cm).

You might have heard about Hamachi. It’s the name of the Inada in the Western part of Japan. But, it’s often mixed up with Buri in other areas.

The name system varies from region to region. So, it’s difficult to follow them even for Japanese.

Buri is migratory fish. They go up north in to Hokkaido. And start coming down south in Autumn for spawning in the Kyushu area. In winter, they are in the middle of the trip. They have lots of nutrition for spawning. In addition, the cold and rough Sea of Japan makes the Buri firm, yet extremely fatty.

Farmed Buri is very popular, too. Actually, its production volume is the biggest among farmed fishes. They say about 80% of slices sold as “Buri” in supermarkets are farmed Hamachi (younger than Buri). The farmed Buri is available all year round, and the quality is very stable. But, the wild caught Kan-Buri is beyond comparison.

Buri (Winter Yellowtail) season is almost over this year. If you get a chance to try it, you should never miss it!

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Kan-Buri cut by Syosaku Sushi Knife with salmon roe on Syosaku Urushi Glass Flat Plate Jet Black with Gold Leaf, Dishwasher Safe.

Kan-Buri (Winter Yellowtail)
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