Becoming a successful Product Designer in bustling New York City has enabled Eliza Crane to feel alive and embrace her belief that this great city indeed forms an epicenter for most things despite slight bias. The city consistently provides her with an infinite amount of creative inspiration.

When not on her screen, Eliza likes to drink tantalizing cocktails and explore the vibrant streets of multicultural NYC. It's possible that fate will lead her to find a loyal furry companion along the way.

Keeping up-to-date with current events is just one of Eliza's interests along with discovering new restaurants which can be seen on her color-coded Google map, and having an intimate knowledge of Soho's stores indicates her familiarity with the surroundings.

Millennials are known for their wandering souls and Eliza is no exception with an ever-growing list of travel destinations to conquer—including one final new continent.

Eliza always loved to cook and she's lucky to have learned from parents who are talented and adventurous in the kitchen. She began her cooking account a little over a year ago, 2022, at the suggestion of family and friends as a way to record her cooking projects.

At the time, she was only posting photos as Instagram stories, and her friends would often screenshot them and ask for recipes. She's surprised and gratified that her account has grown as quickly as it has. You can visit her Instagram account at @noholiving if you're running out of recipe ideas!


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