Syosaku Expresses Gratitude to Their Aficionados and Ambassadors

Syosaku Expresses Gratitude To Their Aficionados And Ambassadors

Syosaku is beyond grateful for their Aficionados and Ambassadors. They are one of the many reasons why Syosaku’s credibility stands out among the rest.

Syosaku expresses its gratitude to its Aficionados and Ambassadors. Their motivation contributed massive support for the company. They have several brand representatives. Despite this, Syosaku is still open to anyone who aims to be part of Syosaku’s growing circle. Syosaku-Japan looks forward to embracing passionate individuals wanting to be their aficionados/ambassadors.

As an aficionado/ambassador, they will have the opportunity to represent the brand. Another role is to share the company’s values and vision. Also, as a representative, Aficionados and Ambassadors should connect with other like-minded people. Unlike other companies, Syosaku doesn't let people fill out forms to apply. Instead, the Syosaku team is the one who looks for deserving candidates. But, anyone can send their intentions through email or through Syosaku’s social media pages.

These are the criteria to receive an invitation:

● An aspiring candidate must be a true fan of the Syosaku brand.

● He or she is passionate to speak and stand for Syosaku in any form.

● He or she is approachable and doesn't take the aficionado/ambassador role for granted.

● A high number of followers on social media platforms is a plus point but not required!

"We are grateful to our Aficionados and Ambassadors who represent us in various forums and events. They are the voice of our company, and they share our vision and mission with passion and dedication. They help us build trust and credibility with our partners and customers. We appreciate their efforts and contributions to our success. They encouraged us to grow our team more.”

Toshi Sekiya, Owner - Syosaku-Japan

About Syosaku-Japan:

Syosaku offers ready-to-purchase Japanese kitchen knives and Urushi glass plates. Syosaku does Japanese kitchen knife engraving. They can also fulfill custom orders of plates featuring any size, shape, or design desired. From the company’s motto, "We don't make products. We make a piece of art", Syosaku doesn’t just sell. They give a true meaning to art - an art that should be experienced by all.