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Syosaku Japan Sushi Fillet Chef Knife Shiroko(White Steel)-No.2 D-Shape Magnolia Wood Handle, Deba 6-inch (150mm) - Ships from USA

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1. MASTER CRAFTSMANSHIP - Handcrafted in Sakai Japan, where more than 90% of Japanese professional chef knives are produced. It is produced one at a time manually by highly skilled master artisans. It outperforms industrially mass produced products from every aspect. The master craftsmanship shines through in every single product. The unparalleled performances make you feel standing at the pinnacle of cooking! Sheath is sold separately.

2. RAZOR SHARPNESS - Ready to use out of the box with ruthless sharpness. The special Japanese steel, Yasuki Shiroko (White Steel) #2 with high carbon content (1.1~1.2%) is forged with soft iron to make Awase construction (HRC 62-63). It gives exceptional sharpness, edge retention, durability, and ease of sharpening at the same time. Thanks to the ultra sharp edge and tip of the blade, you can easily fillet your fish or meat with super precision. It’s single-edged for right handers.

3. SUSHI FILET SPECIALIST - The Deba knife is designed to butcher and fillet whole fish. The blade is made according to the Japanese tradition, with Shinogi on the front side and Urasuki on the back. The ultra sharpness and the heft of the blade make it effortless to cut through the heads and bones of whole fish. You can use it for chicken and other meats, too. The ergonomically designed D-shape Magnolia wood handle and perfectly balanced construction make you comfortable at each use.

4. MAINTENANCE AND CAUTIONS - The knife is recommended only for chefs with proper knowledge of usage and maintenance. The blade is not stainless. The stain doesn’t affect the performance or the food you cut. To minimize the stain, wash with mild detergent and dry well after the use. Apply some oil before storage. Hand wash only. Avoid cutting through large bones of chicken and meat. If properly sharpened on quality whetstones, the unbelievable sharpness lasts for years to come.

5. AESTHETICS AND 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - The premium Kasumi appearance (hazy finish) resulting from special forging and polishing is stunning. The beauty of the blade and traditionally handcrafted D-shape Magnolia wood handle with a Water Buffalo horn bolster makes your cooking more enjoyable. It brings refinement and style to any modern kitchen. It’s a perfect gift for your loved one, too. If you don't love our Syosaku Knife, please return within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.



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